Why You Feel Dizzy When You Stand Up Suddenly?

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November 3, 2022

Have you felt dizzy when you suddenly change your position from lying down or sitting to standing? This phenomenon is referred to as Orthostatic hypotension (postural hypotension).⠀

It is a form of low blood pressure that occurs when you shift from sitting or lying down to standing up and causes you to feel lightheaded, dizzy, or even makes you faint.⠀

When you stand up, blood naturally goes down to your legs, your blood pressure drops, and your body needs time to move the blood back up from the veins in your legs to the heart, increasing your heart rate for a moment. ⠀

Although the episode of orthostatic hypotension commonly lasts for less than a few minutes and is considered a mild phenomenon, long-lasting orthostatic hypotension may be a sign of serious health conditions.⠀

If this happens more often or regularly, you can consult with one of our doctors in Nusa Medica Clinic.⠀

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