Nusa Medica Update

ica Clinic Pecatu is open to everyone every day and provides evidence based primary health care in a central location on Kuta and Nusa Dua Area.

24/7 Ambulance Standby

Fully equipped ambulances are standby 24/7, supplied with GPS units and radios allowing the doctor and nurse on board direct contact to Nusa Medica Clinic staff, which is prepared with the latest technology and specifically trained medical team.

Emergency Room & Short-Term Observation

A fully equipped emergency room with two (2) emergency beds is available for urgent care. Our emergency room is equipped with international standard resuscitation equipment. A comfortable room is available for short term observation.

Infection Prevention & Control

Stringent sterilization & cleaning procedures are conducted to ensure that sanitation & hygiene is maintained to evidence based standards.


Routine 24/7 radiology (x-ray). X-ray films are read by a Radiologist in Bali. However films can also be sent to your insurance company or home doctor for second opinion. More complex radiology like CT, MRI & angiography is available in Bali. Our doctors can assist in making appointments at the best radiology facilities in Bali.

Home Visits

Our doctor & nurse can travel to your accommodation and provide a consultation at your location. The doctor can make recommendations about ongoing care, order diagnostic tests and prescribe medications. Medications can be delivered after the visit. This service is charged at a higher price than an in-clinic consultation.

Pharmacy Dispensing

Over the counter & prescription medications are available. In the case where a particular medication is unavailable, our doctors & pharmacist will make a 'best effort' to source the medication and have the medication delivered to you or offer an alternative.


Routine & emergency vaccines are stocked according to availability. In the case where a vaccine is not available in Nusa Penida our doctors & pharmacist will on a 'best effort' attempt to source the vaccine in Bali.


Offsite 24/7 accredited laboratory able to perform an extensive range of tests, from routine blood examinations to cultures and sensitivity testing.

Medical Evacuation

Should an evacuation be necessary, Nusa Medica Clinic doctors will co-ordinate the transfer from Bali & Nusa Penida island to an appropriate hospital in Bali.

Consultation Room

Comfortable & private consultation room. With a procedure room for minor surgery & wound management